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A dark blue 2020 Silverado HD, parked in front of a bay, will be one of the Chevy trucks for sale in Ennis, TX in late 2019.

The internet has been abuzz with press releases advocating the “coming soon” all-electric future as auto events become showcases for secretive depictions of concept images and specs further unveiling future Electric Vehicles and their tentative albeit speculative release dates. However, all this this EV chatter has done little to distract from the current automotive news cycle which has continued to be dominated by the restructuring plans auto manufacturers have begun to set in motion at the beginning of 2019. Each of the big three automakers seem to be synced up and instep with one another when it comes to advancing electric vehicle technology, partially due to government set deadlines, but how exactly will they pay for these costly advancements in technology, new manufacturing machinery and facilities, and not to mention the additional workforce. For General Motors, the massive windfall of profits from their powerhouse GMC and Chevy trucks for sale today will ironically pave the way for this new all-electric technology providing vehicles with less of a reliance on combustion engines resulting in cleaner emissions.

Restructure Junction, What’s Your Function?

The recurring news flash from any of these restructuring plans has been replete with the guarded criticisms from automotive workers and experts that are being met with an equal measure of reassurances from the top automakers about securing a profitable future. For both auto workers and manufacturers, it is still too soon for any sort of positive or negative effect to have resulted in an outcome, so no light has yet to be shed on whether to confirm or allay these well-warranted worries and suspicions of future automotive plans. Layoffs for General Motors only just began this past February with 4,000 workers losing their jobs, but this was also offset by the announcement of that GM is set to invest $300 million in Michigan to retrofit an established Detroit assembly plant for all-electric vehicle production which will provide an additional 400 jobs.

General Motors’ plan seems to involve a one step forward with two steps back philosophy, and they are no stranger to the underlying criticisms as they undergo the first stages of planned layoffs to essentially streamline their production lineup of vehicles. They are maintaining only those that have previously sold well, all the while advancing existing plants for an all-electric production line for the future. Some comfort may be taken in the reliance General Motors must place in the GMC and Chevy trucks for sale on the market today which shores up some of the holes from the discontinuation of certain vehicle production. Consulting firm AlixPartners reports that by 2022, the auto industry’s total global cost for advancing electric vehicle technology as well as EV production will amount to well over $255 billion with another $61 billion spent in the as yet to be fully tested self-drive technology. And where will the majority of this over $300 billion come from with the majority of EVs still in the concept stage? For General Motors, the high profits from an all to conveniently timed surge in truck enthusiasm will essentially pave the way for both the production and advancement of electric vehicle technology.

Profit Margins on the GMC Sierra and Chevy Silverado

It is quite clear that General Motors is wisely taking advantage of the current markets surge in truck popularity riding on the coattails of their highly profitable pickup truck line of vehicles to take them into an all-electric future. Their plans to reinvest those profits not just solely on further truck production hints at possibly some learned lessons and a tempered trepidation to not repeat the past mistakes that led to the auto industry crash of 2008-2010. Critics and workers may initially complain about lost jobs, but it definitely feels like GM has a long-term plan mindset of keeping the doors open rather than chasing short term profits. As for their popular truck lineup that includes the GMC Sierra and Silverado, the profit margin for heavy-duty larger sized trucks amounts to on the low average estimate of $12,000 per vehicle. Match that dollar amount with GM’s reported sales figures of 210,000 heavy-duty pickups from last year alone, and you get a clearer picture of the amount GM can invest in their all-electric future as well GM’s reliance on the truck industry. Let’s just say that this is not a dollar and cents game but rather a billion-dollar game. Total profits from trucks alone suggest roughly over $2 billion in pretax income.

A perfect example of these re-invested dollars comes from the often heard about self-driving unit; the high-profit margins from trucks sales alone have allowed GM to invest close to one billion a year into their Cruise LLC self-driving unit, a program that has yet to be publicly unveiled in a test market, has never brought in revenue, and still only set to begin its pilot ride-hailing service until later this year. That is a lot of invested capital with no immediate returns. And GM is not only investing those profits in EV production; a decent portion is being set aside to double down on its current manufacturing and workforce in order to produce even more heavy-duty pickups as well as other light body trucks. With plans to add 1,000 workers to their Flint, Michigan plant, building new and improved heavy-duty trucks is clearly a priority for General Motors. With a combined annual revenue for GM’s pickup trucks sitting comfortably flush around $65 billion, GMC and Chevy have been quick to produce new heavy-duty versions of the Silverado and Sierra (the two heavy-duty trucks make up about 20 percent of GM’s full-size truck sales). It does not take a math whizz to understand that GM is hedging their entire electric future on the pickup trucks that initially went on sale decades ago.

2020 Silverado HD

It is clear from just the previewed specs released this past February that Chevy has not been asleep at the wheel when it comes to developing advancements for their number one selling pickup truck, and this summer wherever you find Chevy trucks for sale, you will not be able to miss the 2020 Silverado HD as it bursts its way onto the automotive scene with a variety of even stronger powertrain options as well as new tech and slight alterations that place an emphasis on convenience and comfort. Chevy has outfitted the heavy-duty pickup this time with a 6.6-liter Duramax diesel and paired it with an all-new GM/Allison 10L1000 10-speed automatic transmission; the diesel is capable of producing a more than capable 445 horsepower with an impressive 910 lb-ft of torque. These numbers may not appear on paper as industry leading, but reinforcements on chassis and downstream powertrain have jacked up the towing capacity by about 52 percent. That means that a properly equipped Silverado HD will be capable of towing a best-in-class 35,500 LBS. The smaller 6.6-liter gas engine is on the low side when it comes to heavy-duty pickup rivals only pushing out 401 horsepower with 464 lb-ft torque, but the real game changer for Chevy is its focus on trailering technology.

As mentioned previously, Chevy has made convenience their priority over power making the whole process of loading, hooking, and maneuvering trailers much easier. The Silverado is outfitted with the industry’s only power-up and down tailgate and new BedSteps at the front sides of the bed. The DuraBed box has been increased in size by 8.6 and 7.1 cu.ft for the short and long bed lengths with the 83.5 cu.ft. long box measuring out to handle a best-in-class capacity. The box is also outfitted with a 120-volt outlet, 12 tie-down rings, and the ability to add nine accessory tie-downs. As far as trailering technology, the Advanced Trailering System uses cameras connected through coaxial cables to provide up to 15 camera views of curbs, views of the bed, hitch, and inside of the trailer, as well as the new “transparent trailer” camera angle that pictures the rear-view of the vehicle as if there was no trailer. In addition to all these camera views, the system is also capable of monitoring the pressure and temperature of up to six trailer tires. The future may be all-electric, but the here and now is still definitely built on the backs of GMC and Chevy trucks for sale today.

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