Frank Kent Chevrolet, a Local Used Car Dealer in Ennis, Texas

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A Texas gate at a farm in Ennis, TX is shown, where a great local used car dealer is located.

Frank Kent Chevrolet, a local used car dealer, has been a fixture in Ennis, Texas since 1935. The America of old is built on morals, values, and ethics. Some would say that there was a time that if one worked hard and did right by others, they could get their slice of the American Dream. The team here at Frank Kent Chevrolet believe that these values are alive and well in Ennis, Texas.

Frank Kent Chevrolet has been a new Chevrolet and local used car dealer in Central Texas since 1935. The guiding motto at Frank Kent Chevrolet is “morals, values, and ethics over profit.”

Just as much as the dealer is “Frank Kent Chevrolet, new car dealer,” we are also “Frank Kent, your local used car dealer.” New cars are not any more important than used cars. What is most important to us is the people who make up the business: our customers, our employees, and our community: Ennis, Texas.

Frank Kent Values

The responsibility of Frank Kent Chevrolet is to provide a professional atmosphere founded on sound business ethics, honesty, and integrity. This applies equally to our employees and our customers. Frank Kent Chevrolet’s value is our competitive edge with our integrity guiding our commitment to outstanding customer satisfaction and service.

Frank Kent History

Frank Kent started his career in the automotive industry in 1917, gaining experience and respect through honesty, hard work, and reliable service. His hard work and approach to life paid off when in 1935, he created what today is known across the state of Texas as Frank Kent Motor Company, in Fort Worth, Texas. Mr. Kent worked hard and remained active in his role as owner and Chairman of the Board until his passing in 1987. Since Mr. Kent’s passing, Frank Kent Motor Cars has been owned and managed by two generations of the Frank Kent family. Throughout this time, the dealership has stayed true to his family-oriented business practices.

A Local Used Car Dealer Invested in the Community

Since 1935, Frank Kent Chevrolet and local used car dealer has invested in the city of Ennis, Texas giving back in several different ways. The most obvious way is as a source of motor vehicles to the community of Ennis, Texas, selling new and used Chevrolets as well as high quality used cars from a variety of different brands.

Being in business since 1935 means that our dealership has been consistently selling vehicles for over 80 years. This is tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of new and used cars over the years to the community of Ennis, Texas, and surrounding areas for over four generations. This ‘staying power’ only comes from doing things the right way, in this case, providing excellent value at an honest price. After 80 years in business, the community of Ennis, Texas, is just as invested in Frank Kent Motor Company as Frank Kent Motor Company is invested in the people of Ennis, Texas. At this point, we are much more than a new Chevrolet dealer and local used car dealer, we are part of the fabric that makes up the city of Ennis.

Indirect Investment in the Community of Ennis, Texas

Other ways that we invested in the city is through our employees, sales taxes, and our dealership itself.

Frank Kent Chevrolet employees since 1935 have been grandfathers, grandmothers, fathers, mothers, uncles, aunts, cousins, brothers, sisters, and neighbors from right here in Ennis. Many of our customers went home from the hospital in cars from Frank Kent Chevrolet, learned to drive, and took children back from the hospital, and got married in vehicles sold by Frank Kent Chevrolet.

In exchange for Frank Kent Chevrolet employee’s investment in building the business, they were paid tens of millions of dollars in salaries. This is money that was used to build families, memories, legacies, and stories that make up the community of Ennis, Texas. In other words, Frank Kent Chevrolet salary money was used to buy homes, cars, businesses, college educations within the community. For every person who has depended upon Frank Kent Chevrolet for their salaries, there were several more people behind that person who depended on that money for their well-being. This is a great responsibility that has not been lost on the owners of Frank Kent Chevrolet.

With every salary that has been paid over the years, there have been taxes, and health and retirement benefits that have been paid as well. For every new and used car sold, there are sales taxes collected and paid. For every year that Frank Kent has been in business, there has been property taxes paid to both the City of Ennis, Texas and the state of Texas itself. This is money that has been used to pay for government services such as first responders, public works, and public transit.

Our dealership is also a big sponsor of community events in Ennis, Texas having sponsored such things in part, as country fairs, parades, and other special events. Frank Kent Chevrolet will continue to sponsor community events in Ennis, Texas in the future.

New Chevrolet Vehicles

While Frank Kent Chevrolet is a long-established local used car dealer, our dealership is also the source of all things Chevrolet in and around Ennis, Texas, known around these parts for our large selection of vehicles. Cars available in our inventory at any given time include everything from affordable commuters to sports cars, to full-size luxury SUVs to ranch-proven work trucks.

Buyers can come down and check out vehicles in inventory or look through our website for the full selection of new Chevrolet vehicles. When prospective buyers find what they like, they can contact us directly through our website or by phone to schedule a test drive.

Ennis, Texas

Frank Kent Chevrolet maintains a large selection of pre-owned or used vehicles, and not just of Chevrolets, but instead, all makes and models of cars. As with new cars, pre-owned cars in inventory at any given time ranges from economical commuter vehicles up to full-size luxury SUVs and work trucks. Frank Kent Chevrolet also offers rotating specials on used cars, with many many priced under $10,000 for those with a tight budget.

For those prospective buyers who want the value of a used vehicle but yet want the peace-of-mind that comes with buying new, there is our certified pre-owned program. Vehicles that are certified pre-owned are newer vehicles with lower miles that go through a 172-point inspection and thorough reconditioning. Many of these vehicles are like new, at a lower-than-new price.

All Frank Kent Chevrolet certified pre-owned vehicles come with two warranties for that added peace-of-mind. The first warranty is an extended bumper-to-bumper warranty for 12 months or 12 thousand miles. The second one is an extended powertrain warranty that is good for 6 years or 100,000 miles. Additionally, pre-owned buyers will receive two scheduled maintenance visits within the first 2 years or 24,000 miles.

Frank Kent Chevrolet’s reputation is based on the value we provide our clients. For that reason, vehicle prices are based on extensive research, including such things as features, Kelly Blue Book values, availability, and the competition’s pricing. Pricing is assessed on a daily basis so that the client can be assured that they are getting the best pricing on that day.

Helping You

For many people, buying a car can be an intimidating process. There is the question of “do I buy, or do I lease?” The truth is leasing is not for everyone so people need to do their research. Fortunately, our staff at Frank Kent Chevrolet can help with that.

If a customer opts to buy, their expert financial advisers will help customers arrange the perfect option that meets their needs and budget. If they have a car they want to trade in, Frank Kent Chevrolet can help with that by determining its value, saving the customer money off the purchase price of their newer vehicle.

It is one thing to buy a car. It is yet another thing to keep it running. That is where routine maintenance, service, and parts coming. Frank Kent Chevrolet is a great local used car dealer with an excellent service and parts department.

Whether the customer needs a light bulb or oil changed or has been in an accident, our certified service center is staffed with GM-certified technicians that can help. They know Chevrolet vehicles inside and out, can diagnose any problem, and promptly fix it. They go through an extensive training program and regularly “go back to school” to learn new technologies and techniques to stay on top of new developments.

Frank Kent Chevrolet new car and used car dealer also offers guaranteed online appointments so that customers can schedule a time when it works for them. If a customer needs to leave their car in our service center, we have loaners and shuttles that can take the customer where they need to go and pick them up when they are done.

Wrapping It All Up

In business since 1935, Frank Kent Chevrolet is really just the local used car dealership who just so happens to sell new Chevrolets. They have invested in the community of Ennis, Texas in many different ways while the city has invested in them for over 80 years. When you are dealing with Frank Kent Chevrolet, you are dealing with a long history of families.