Is there a Chevy Dealer Near Me? Most Likely

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A look down on a yellow 2019 Chevy Corvette Z06 at a Chevy dealer near me.

Did you know that there are more than 18,000 car dealerships in the United States? Or that nearly one-third of those are Chevy dealerships? So, if you have ever wondered “Is there a Chevy dealer near me?”, then the chances of there actually being one are pretty good. Unless you live in the most remote regions of the American wilderness or the middle of the densest urban areas, there is more than likely a Chevy dealership within minutes of your home.

Each of these Chevy dealerships sells hundreds of cars, trucks and SUVs every year to new vehicle buyers just like you. They get to sell these wonderful automobiles to those who are looking for some of the finest American engineering in the automotive world. These dealerships are a vital part of the automotive economy, as they serve as the driving force behind both new sales and return business.

They do this by having several departments that are key to the car buying experience, pun intended. Your local Chevy dealer has a sales staff that spends each and every day giving new car buyers like you tours of their new prospective vehicles. These dedicated men and women know all of the details of each and every vehicle on the lot. They spend hours upon hours learning the specs and dimensions of the vehicles they are tasked with.

So, if you want to know about the horsepower of the 2019 Chevrolet Corvette, they can tell you. If you want to know the towing capacity of the 2019 Chevy Silverado, they know that, as well. If you want to know the cargo capacity of a 2019 Chevy Suburban… you get the point.

Chevy Dealer Sales Professionals

These sales professionals often know what you are in the market for before you do. They deal with business professionals, college students, carpoolers, contractors and more every day. They know the unique properties of every Chevy vehicle and how they translate to the modern driver. And that does not just mean the mechanical aspects of the Chevy lineup. These vehicles are becoming increasingly more equipped with technological features that become more advanced with each new model year. Many drivers don’t know all about these features, but the sales staff does.

The sales staff is an invaluable part of the new Chevy buying process, because they can and will walk you through each vehicle. But they are not the only vital piece of a Chevy dealership.

New cars, trucks and SUVs can be very pricey. Unless you are walking around with tens of thousands of dollars (which we generally do not advise), you will more than likely need some form of financing. The finance team is there for that exact reason.

Financing Your New Chevy

The finance team will walk you through all of the sometimes precarious steps of financing a new vehicle. Since you just looked at the sticker price of the Chevy vehicle you have settled on, you know that you are about to make a substantial investment. You want to make absolutely sure you get the best deal possible for the amount of money you are about to commit.

What many new car buyers do not know is that Chevy corporate and local dealerships alike offer all kinds of rebates and discounts. There may be deals available based on your work, your recent (or impending) college graduation and other factors. Financing goes far beyond just your tax bracket.
The finance team is there to help you discover any and all deals you are eligible for. They will also help you figure out the proper finance rate and monthly payment to fit your budget. This is a crucial step, as the inconvenience of a repossessed vehicle is only the tip of that inconvenience iceberg. Your credit will take a massive hit if your car is repo-ed. That could put you under a mountain of debt and credit trouble that will take years to crawl out from under. The finance team is there to walk you through every step of the process to make sure you know exactly what you are getting into.

They can also help with deciding whether to lease or buy. Leasing is a very viable option for many drivers. Some like the thought of a new model version every few years, with the latest in mechanical and electronic engineering. Some are in a temporary place in life and only want a temporary commitment. Parents of new drivers might consider leasing a car for their teenager, rather than committing long term to a vehicle that an inexperienced driver might hate. There are tons of reasons to buy a car outright, but there are just as many reasons to lease. The finance team will be able to talk you through that rationale and decide what is best for you.

Chevy Dealer Service Technicians

Before you drive your new car, truck or SUV away from your local Chevy dealership, you will want to meet the service technicians. These talented professionals know every inch of the Chevy vehicles they service on a daily basis. They care for your car as if it was their own. From under the hood to brake systems to interior technology, these folks know how to get a car back on its tires in no time.
But, more important than fixing a problem is preventing one. What the service department will do for you is set you up with a maintenance schedule. Some services need to be done more regularly than others. An oil change will need to be performed more often than an air filter replacement, while tire rotations are more often than brake pad changes. Those service technicians know all about the routine procedures and will get you set up on a schedule to keep those services in line.

They will talk to you about your driving habits in order to get the best idea of how often these procedures should take place. For instance, if you do a lot of city driving, the stop/start nature of city traffic will have a much different effect on your engine and transmission than primarily driving on a highway. Certain climates and conditions change factors, too. If you live or work on a dirt road, for example, you might need more frequent filter replacements than someone who sticks exclusively to blacktop roads.

The service team knows how all of these factors affect your new Chevy. They are happy to set up that service schedule, but it is really on you to stick to the schedule. After all, you just made a substantial investment in a marvel of modern technology. You will want to do everything in your power to keep that machine running at optimal performance for as long as possible. Adhering to the maintenance schedule is the best way to make that assurance.

Of course, if something does go wrong, the maintenance team at the Chevy dealer near you will be happy to take a look at it and see how they can fix it. Some Chevy dealerships even do body work for minor dents and scratches, but not all offer that extra convenience. See your closest Chevy dealership for specifics on what they cover and can provide for you.

Moral of the story: Chevy dealerships are much more than just showrooms for Chevy vehicles. They come with extremely important human beings that are there to make your new car purchase go as smoothly as possible and to make your new Chevy run as smoothly as your car buying experience. When you’re ready to check out the lot of a Chevy dealer near you swing down to Frank Kent Chevrolet to see our exciting inventory and meet with our skilled sales, financing and service professionals.

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