Looking at Used Chevy Trucks?

August 9th, 2019 by

A grey Texas Edition 2015 Chevy Silverado, popular among used Chevy trucks, is parked in front of a football field at dusk.

Getting a new pickup truck is exciting. There are so many aspects of a new truck to explore, and you could spend hours just looking through the owner’s manual if you so wish to do that. You can also tinker around with all the available options, look into aftermarket parts, admire the shiny engineering under the hood and the beautiful aesthetic of the exterior. You could conceivably spend days enjoying and learning about your new truck before you ever put the key in the ignition. But, all of this fun comes with a hefty price. Literally, the price tag for new Chevy trucks is much higher than those of used Chevy trucks.

For some, the idea of a used Chevy truck invokes the image of a beaten up farm truck that was made by our ancient ancestors and featuring none of the fun stuff that comes with contemporary vehicles. Sure, some of those are still out there. Chevy is well regarded for its longevity in the pickup truck world. But, the more realistic applications of used Chevy trucks are from just within the past few years. And these trucks are of a completely different mold than the ones our grandfathers drove.

New and Improved

Automotive technology has always been very progressive. In the early decades, the look of a pickup truck changed drastically from decade to decade. They got bigger and more utile, for work in rural areas. As the years progressed, they started having more urban uses. As such, they became more functional as a total vehicle, not just a work vehicle. With their evolving use across many demographics, they started to vary more in size. Automakers began introducing smaller, sportier pickup trucks and larger, extremely powerful pickup trucks as well.

In this century, though, the technology that has so rapidly progressed as automakers are scrambling to keep up with each other. The inside of the vehicle has become just as important as the outside. Obviously, pickup truck drivers are going to want a powerful vehicle that can tow and haul a lot of weight. But, these same pickup trucks that are capable of getting any farm or worksite job done are also quickly becoming popular family vehicles.

This advance in technology has extended to safety features, infotainment applications, and extended comfort for the whole family. Pickup trucks are no longer just for the working man. They are for the carpool mom, the teenager learning to drive, the long road trip, and the weekly excursion to the grocery store.

With the increase in the interior utility of pickup trucks comes greater demand. Cars are being phased out across all major automakers to focus more on developing pickup trucks and SUVs. Every year, more new pickup trucks are being purchased, which means more used Chevy trucks are available to drivers like you. There is no better time to look into the used truck market because they have a fantastic array of vehicles with all of the modern technology you can ask for.

Moving Forward

Depending on the make and model, a used pickup truck will vary little from year to year. Unless the pickup truck in question is going from one generation to another or having a mid-generation facelift, you will have largely the same truck from one year to the next. This means that you will likely have the same engine options, trim levels, towing and hauling capacities, and much more as the newest year model.

Additionally, the safety features that are making these large pickup trucks such a favorite family vehicle are also more and more inclusive. While some new features are coming out every year, the infotainment, safety and convenience features available on a used Chevy truck from even five years ago were not even imagined at the turn of the century. Features like Rear View Camera, Automatic Braking, Trailer Hitch Assist and others were unheard of circa 2000, but have been available or standard on Chevy trucks for years now. Infotainment features like smartphone connectivity are commonplace now. Imagine explaining hooking up an iPhone to a pickup truck’s infotainment center to access a podcast on iTunes to someone in the 1990s. Now, it can be done with voice activation.

All of these features, and plenty more, have been available for quite some time now. If those are the kinds of features that interest you in your next Chevy truck, you can easily find them in a used Chevy truck. Moreover, given the breadth of the Chevy truck lineup and all the available years of used models, it is very conceivable you can find a used truck with just the right features and trim level without too much work.

Saving Money with a Smile

As if all of the available stuff is not already enough to sway some people, the real selling point is that these used vehicles are significantly less expensive than a brand new model. People who are ready to move on from their current vehicle trade it into dealerships like Frank Kent Chevrolet. As is the nature of vehicles, depreciation hits the vehicle the second it leaves the lot. That means that when the time comes to sell or trade an already driven vehicle, the value is quite a bit less than it was when it was purchased new.

This is unfortunate for the seller, but it makes for a tremendous deal for the next buyer. Even if a used vehicle is in pristine condition with very few miles on it, it will still cost thousands less than a brand new one. Combining the latest in technology with the proven engineering quality of Chevy trucks and a significant reduction on sticker price equals a great deal for your next Chevy truck.

If you are still a little iffy on used Chevy trucks, consider Chevy’s certified pre-owned program. A certified pre-owned vehicle is a used vehicle that has undergone an extensive examination to prove it is still road-worthy. The process involves inspecting every aspect of the vehicle, from interior to exterior, under the hood, chassis, brakes, you name it. It also includes a road test and vehicle history report. After the vehicle has satisfactorily completed the inspection, it is given an extended warranty. This adds peace of mind, and a safety net, to buying a pre-owned vehicle.

Get Your Perfect Used Chevy From Us

At Frank Kent Chevrolet, we pride ourselves on the selection of new and used Chevy trucks we have to offer, not to mention cars and SUVs. We know that a lot of people shy away from the notion of a used vehicle, but we stand by the promise that we would not put you into any vehicle that we ourselves would not proudly drive. We have dozens of used trucks on our lot, with more coming in all the time. We would love to put you in the perfect used Chevy truck soon.

You don’t have to be afraid of used Chevy trucks. In 2019, the used market is absolutely full of the highest quality used and certified pre-owned Chevy trucks. The trucks that our grandparents drove are not all that is out there. At Frank Kent Chevrolet, we believe that you might be pleasantly surprised by what a used Chevy truck can offer you, both in the truck and in your bank account.