The 8 Most Important Games for the 2019 Dallas Cowboys

August 16th, 2019 by

A football is shown in a closeup in a field. Catch a Cowboys game after visiting a Chevy dealership near Dallas.

As you might imagine, being in Ennis, we have a lot of serious Dallas Cowboys fans here at Frank Kent Chevrolet. While we won’t go into what Texas football team is the best (seriously, there are only so many times we can apologize for riots and at a certain point fire damage becomes a problem for any dealership), let’s just say that the Cowboys are a big favorite around here. We’re not only your Chevy dealership near Dallas, we’re Texas football fans just like you, so this time of year there’s plenty of talk around the upcoming season.

Of course we’re all excited about Travis Frederick coming back for the 2019 season and we can’t wait to see the entire offensive line get to work this year. It will be particularly interesting to watch our defense continue to grow and develop – while we’d love to see more blitzing, most of us expect it won’t happen. But as long as the pass coverage remains strong, and people like Xavier Woods continue to put up league-leading numbers for yards allowed, it shouldn’t be a problem. In looking at the 2019 schedule, however, we couldn’t help but notice some standout games that will be crucial for a strong season.

When you’re out there tailgating with a great Chevy truck or SUV, here are the games we think you’ll want to watch closely:

Week One: At Home against the New York Giants

It’s pretty obvious to say that week one will be important, since it’s the beginning of the season and every team wants to start off strong. For the 2019 Cowboys, however, it’s about a lot more than that.

For one thing, the Cowboys start their season with two divisional games, so winning them both will be a key factor to a strong start in general with an early eye toward the postseason. While the Giants are not exactly pushovers, so far they’re not looking like the hardest team to handle in the NFL. If our defense can once again contain Saquon Barkley this year, then everything should be in place for a 1-0 start to our season.

Week Two: Away against the Washington Redskins

In some ways, this next game is even more important than the first. Whether we win or lose against the Giants, the second game against the Redskins could very well set the tone for the rest of the season. Our Cowboys have won 9 of the last 12 games against the Redskins, so the record is definitely in our favor, and early reports show some friction behind the scenes in Washington. If we can win both the week one and week two games, you’ll hear a lot of playoff talk starting up – and the momentum will be palpable.

Week Four: Away against the New Orleans Saints

This game is going to be intense, there’s no doubt about that. There’s a lot riding on this game for the Saints and they will definitely be looking to avenge the upset last season. Of course, they have delivered their share of upsets to us too, so the rivalry and history here is real for all of us. The week three game against the Dolphins could be fun, but this is going to be some bare-knuckle intensity and should end the starting month of the 2019 season with a bang we’ll be able to hear all the way over here in Ennis.

Week Five: At Home against the Green Bay Packers

Speaking of rivalries, there’s certainly no love lost between us and Green Bay fans. We don’t have to remind you how the Packers have crushed our playoff dreams (twice!) or that the Packers have won seven of the last eight games we’ve played against them. Things are different this year, however, and these aren’t looking like the same Packers that we’ve faced in the past.

The fact that this game is coming so early in the season is also a good thing, as far as we’re concerned. Our Cowboys will still be fresh and going into this game with solid inertia. Plus, the game will be in Dallas – so everything feels stacked in our favor.

Week Seven: At Home against the Philadelphia Eagles

This will be the third divisional game of the season and comes just before our bye week, making it doubly important. We reminded the Eagles last year that winning the Super Bowl doesn’t mean you own the division, so this is going to be an intense matchup. It’s entirely likely that the Eagles will be our biggest competition for leading the division this year, so this game will be a big one. We face up against the Eagles again in week sixteen; a win here could be vital when the post-season draws near, plus going into the bye with a win is important.

Week Twelve: Away against the New England Patriots

Week eight is our bye, and while there are a few big games afterward – like week nine against the Giants again – most of November will be pretty mild for us. That is, of course, until four days before Thanksgiving, when things get serious. That’s when we play the Patriots in New England.

Whether you like him or not, Tom Brady’s record speaks for itself and the man can play a game of football. While our Cowboys lead the series record here, we’ve only played 12 times over the years so that’s not a huge trend to bet on. In fact, though we won the first seven times we played against the Patriots, they have won the last five straight – so it’s about time to break that spell. If we have the strong start to the 2019 season that all of us expect, then this will be a huge game to show we plan on following through with a charge into the postseason.

Week Thirteen: At Home against the Buffalo Bills

Four days after the big Patriots game, our Cowboys come home to face the Bills on Thanksgiving, and it is going to be a big one. Late in the schedule, this will be an important game for securing our spot in the postseason. Plus the Bills have no love for us after our Cowboys were responsible for two of their historic Super Bowl losses in the 1990s.

We don’t want to dig in the dirt too much, but Cole Beasley going to the Bills and some of the heated back-and-forth between him and Cowboys fans has also added to this rivalry. With the national Thanksgiving audience watching the fireworks on the field, this is going to be a big one – one we need to win.

Week Fifteen: At Home against the Los Angeles Rams

The week fourteen game against the Chicago Bears will be a defensive slugfest that should be great to watch, but we think the week fifteen game will be more important for the season. For one thing, we all know how big the games against the Rams have been, including that game last January where things got away from us. This is a different Rams this year, however, without CJ Anderson and questions about Todd Gurley’s knee.

A late-season game means two teams that are not in their best condition. If Gurley’s knee is a problem, then week fifteen could be well past his prime for the year. The two games after this one are both divisional matches: first against the Eagles in Philadelphia, then back home against the Redskins to finish the season. A win against the Rams in week fifteen would give us the final push of momentum to roll strongly into those last two games and secure the division.

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