Top 7 Reasons to Pick a Used Car Dealer near Waxahachie

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A red 2018 Chevy Impala, popular among used cars near me, is driving past a blurred white building in Waxahachie, TX.

If you’re looking for a used car, then you might be tempted to buy one from a local private seller in the area, rather than from a dealership with used cars. That’s understandable: you will likely pay less when buying from a private seller, and you might feel worried about high-pressure sales tactics or other things you’ve heard about dealerships. Finding the best used car near you in the Waxahachie area, however, is about more than saving money upfront – it’s about your long-term peace of mind.

Since we’re a car dealership, you might think we are not exactly unbiased in this conversation – and that’s certainly true. We have a stake in this whole thing, but that doesn’t change the fact that choosing a used car dealer near Waxahachie can make your life easier in the long run and give you much greater peace of mind. Still not convinced? Well, keep reading and see what you think when you get to the end…

#1 – Fair Treatment

This might seem a little strange if you’ve heard horror stories about people being manipulated, lied to, or pressured into buying a vehicle at a used dealership. While those things sadly do happen, if you choose a reputable dealer selling used cars near you, then you can avoid that and instead get fair treatment and help that you can rely on. By law, car dealerships have to provide certain information to you as a buyer, to ensure you can make as informed a decision as possible.

When buying from a private seller, however, you have no such protection, and they are under no requirement to provide you with this information about the vehicle. Now, that might not stop some dealerships from bending the truth, but when you choose a reputable one like Frank Kent Chevrolet, which has been a part of the community near Waxahachie for decades, then you know you will get treated fairly.

#2 – A Great Selection

One of the biggest reasons to choose a Waxahachie-area car dealer, when looking for used cars near you, is the tremendous selection we can offer you. Buying a used car is all about your options; since you cannot make changes to the vehicle before buying like you can with a new model, you want as large a selection as possible. A good car dealership with used models will have a large inventory for you to look at and choose from. This gives you a lot of options to find exactly what you need and improves your chances of finding something you’ll truly love.

#3 – Knowledgeable Salespeople

We’ve all heard the stereotypes and jokes about used car salesmen. Unfortunately, that reputation has been well-earned by some of them out there – but there are bad apples in any industry. The trick is to choose a dealership with a good reputation, one that places a focus on great customer service and only hires people committed to helping customers honestly.

When you choose such a dealership for used cars near you in the Waxahachie area, then you can work with someone that is knowledgeable and helpful. Just like buying anything else, a good amount of research on your part can make the car-buying process easier. But when you have help from a knowledgeable, honest salesperson, then everything just clicks, and you have a much better chance of getting exactly what you need.

#4 – Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles

One of the very best reasons to choose a reliable dealership for used cars near you in the Waxahachie area is access to Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicles. CPO cars, trucks, and SUVs are not just used cars with a fancy name – they are vehicles that have been bought back and certified by the original manufacturer to be in the best condition possible. These are often vehicles that were on a lease and treated very well for just a few years before being returned.

A CPO vehicle cannot be more than a few years old, usually less than 6, and cannot have a high number of miles on it. All CPO vehicles are sold with warranties from the original manufacturer, which gives you peace of mind on your purchase that you simply cannot find with other used models. You will only find CPO vehicles at a dealership – no private seller can offer them – and while they are often more expensive than some other used vehicles, they are well worth it.

#5 – Help with Financing

For the most part, when you buy a used car from a private seller, you have one option for payment: cash. No seller wants to be part of a long-term payment plan or lender financing; they want to sell their car, get money, and move on. When you shop with a dealership for used cars near Waxahachie, then you get more options for how to pay for your vehicle. Most people need some help with financing to buy a car – even a used one – and a dealership can work with you to help you find the best financing option to meet your needs.

#6 – Long-Term Service and Support

Similarly, a private seller trying to get rid of a vehicle is not interested in helping you maintain it or take care of it for years to come. Once you have bought the vehicle and it is transferred into your name, all the responsibility for taking care of it is on you. And if you discover there is a problem with it a few days after the sale, good luck finding that seller again.

With a reputable dealership, however, they want to forge a strong relationship with you that will be mutually beneficial for years to come. Dealerships often have service centers they own or work with that can provide you with maintenance and service help long after you buy a vehicle. You always know where to turn when you need help taking care of your vehicle, and a good dealer will stand behind the cars they sell no matter what.

#7 – A Convenient Location

If you search for a used car online, or in a trade publication, then you often find results from all over the state – maybe even all over the country. What’s the point of finding a used car that you love, only to discover that it’s 800 miles away? When you choose a reputable local dealership with used cars in the Waxahachie area, then you don’t have to go chasing all over the country looking for your next vehicle.

Here at Frank Kent Chevrolet, we are conveniently located in Ennis so that you can get to us easily, whether you want to look at our inventory and meet with one of our amazing salespeople, come back to us for service, or have questions about buying a used vehicle. Just hop on the 287 and take that east – stay on it when it becomes W Ennis Ave, and it will take you into Ennis. Just before you get to I-45, take a right onto the Freeway Service Rd, go south on that for just a few minutes, and it will bring you right to us.

No matter what you need, we are here to help. Call or come visit us at Frank Kent Chevrolet to discover how fun and easy it can be to shop for a used car near you.

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